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Trade the world’s  largest stock market with  Octangle FX’s Instant Execution and Low Spread.


Indices are indicators of price changes for a certain group  of securities. The stock exchange index can be explained as a “basket of share” united by a common basis. Trading indices can be compared to opening positions on the courses of several stocks at once.The most important thing is determining the exact stocks or bonds each index is formed from. The set of shares included in the spot index value calculation determines the information that can be obtained by observing the dynamics of its course.The main purpose of the indices is to creat powerfull tools to investors to characterise the direction of companies, quotes in a particular industry. Studying the dynamics of major indices helps to understand the impact of certain events on the value of securities

During trading indices, one should keep in mind that the reaction to the economic news published may not correspond with expectations and forecasts.Different stocks grow at different speeds, while some of them may not respond to such news at all. In this case, the spot index helps traders to understand the overall trend of this market segment without the need to assess the position of lots of different companies.Observation and trading indices give insights how the different sectors of the economy trade in comparison with each other. Here at Octangle FX we are glad to offer the trading of major indices, which makes it possible to join the price movement not only for a rise, but also a fall


Indices trading offers a diversified way to trade the movements of the global equity markets without the need to identify, trade or directly own any specific stocks or group of stock

you can focus your efforts on a few index CFDs as opposed to having to analyse hundreds of stocks in order to make a trading decision.When you trade Index CFDs with Octangle FX, you’re given access to the Cash CFD, which means you’re simply trading on the movement of the index’s prices rather than purchasing the underlying futures contract. This allows you to trade in small contract sizes, which is perfect for those who are just starting out with Indices trading.If you’re looking to test an Index CFD trading system live you can do so using a live trading account and test your system from minimal deposit.Trade Your Preferred Index CFDs both Long and Short.Another great advantage of trading Index CFDs is the ability to go both long and short. When you are looking to benefit from the index moving higher it means you will be trading long and when you are looking to benefit from the index falling, it means you will be trading short.


Octangle FX is a global leader in providing Forex and CFD Market access. If you are an active trader or a newcomer to get started, our transparent and genuine service are ready to help you achieve your goals in this market.



It is our mission to provide you with the best trading experience. Explore our quality pricing, transparency and instant order execution services.The Forex market is decentralized and there are no middlemen. You can trade directly with another participant in the market and our platform facilitates this connection.


One of the advantages of trading with Octangle FX, is the variety of platforms and types of account that we offer.Our trading platform provides powerful tools for chart traders and straight forward capabilities for new traders.The Mobile platform lets our traders quickly and easily access the Forex market from anywhere.


Forex brokers with low spreads are famous among scalping supporters, because this trading strategy includes opening a lot of trades within one day.To cut the costs on Forex operations the traders opt for low spreads,this minimizes trading costs and maximizes your profits

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